Now it was time to introduce her to the world!
Alethia was wide-eyed at the crowd. I took my cues from her. As she began to get more comfortable in my arms I decided it was time to make her first introductions:)
 She had only spoken to her Nonnie (my mom) on the phone from Uganda one time, but now they got to meet face-to-face!
 My parents sat back and just smiled most of the time. They had waited a LONG time for this day too:)
 I honestly can’t even remember all that took place that day. It’s kind of like the blur of your wedding day. You KNOW it was wonderful! You KNOW you were surrounded by loving friends and family, but you can’t for the life of you remember all the details out of the one being focused on.
 We made our way to the floor so all the littles surrounding us could meet her.
 We even had visitors from friends we met in Kampala who were adopting as well. This little girl’s name is Esther and they played SO well together at the guesthouse.
 After so many new faces she finally spotted a familiar one! She saw her Meme that came to play with her while we were in the midst of our process in Uganda.
 It didn’t take her long to feel brave enough, with her big sister’s protection and leading, to go with Areyna to meet her new cousins!
 They immediately created a bond that I am more than excited about watching grow over the years:)
 It was so sweet to see friends we hadn’t seen in so long come out to support us!
 What a wonderful day it was!
 I simply couldn’t get enough of Alethia and her siblings were feeling the same…

***More To Come***