Many of you have asked if the airport is reserved for close family and friends.  Our response is ABSOLUTELY NOT!  I’ve had several of you whom I’ve never even met or who live out of town, ask if it’s OK to come.  How awesome is that?!

So, to answer your question…come one, come all!  We’re going to show RDU how to party.

We won’t be sticking around for long and we won’t be accepting any invitations for dinner and we will be going home alone as a family as I’m sure Alethia will be totally exhausted and over-stimulated (not to mention her antsy siblings who will want to swarm her as she walks around in her new environment), but we would LOVE to share this celebration with those of you who have prayed her home with us!

So, bring on the friends, and family…both familiar and new!  Let’s celebrate the homecoming that the Lord has been so gracious to bless us with!

Josh and Alethia will be flying into RDU on Wednesday afternoon at 1:27pm on United Airlines.  They will have already gone through customs so we’ll be meeting them upstairs by the checkout counters near the escalators that lead down to the baggage claim.

I’ll post any delays if they occur.

Oh, and just a reminder…I get to see this beautiful little face in ONE DAY!