I just got off the phone with Josh.  He made it safe and sound!  He is weaving through Kampala traffic now and heading back to Jinja.  He told me he feels like he’s back at home:)  I mean, he’s already negotiated a Taxi and the sim card in his phone still worked!

He said he’s “never been so giddy to hit this Tarmac!”  If it weren’t going to be so dark when he gets to Jinja he’d go get Alethia right away, ha!  He told me it feels so good to be back.  It’s a whole new trip this time around.  We know the happy ending that is coming our way!

The flights were good for him, besides the guy with bad breath right next to him for 14 hours and the other guy clicking his seatbelt over…and over….and over:)

We’re going to try to Skype this afternoon if they’ve got electricity and internet.

Oh yeah, and if you’ve lost count…

PS- Several of you have asked what time Josh and Alethia get in on Wednesday.  Their flight is scheduled to arrive at RDU at 1:27pm and they will have already gone through customs in DC.  I will keep their arrival time on the right hand sidebar in case of delays or changes:)