Stan Cherry, AKA Sweetie, well at least by my kids that is, ’cause that would just be weird if I were to call him Sweetie, but his wife on the other hand, I LOVE to call her Sweetie…ahem, I digress…

Anyway, Stan arrived at 4am this morning to pick up Josh and take him to the airport!  (Thank you Stan!)  Josh took the short sleepy flight to DC where he waited to board his 14(ish) hour flight to Addis.  Then one more 2-hour flight and he’ll finally be in Entebbe!

I talked to him this morning while he was in line waiting to board his flight in DC.  He’d just dosed up on Tylenol PM hoping to be able to sleep a large chunk of the flight:)

He’s really on his way!  It’s kind of hard for me to wrap my head around this whole thing.  I’m sure it will seem more real when Josh walks through the airport hand-in-hand with Alethia, but until then it all seems so surreal.

Here are a few things you can pray for:

  • Safety in the air and on the ground.  This is a fast and furious trip for Josh and he’ll be on the move most of the time.
  • For Alethia.  We have no idea what her reaction to all of this will be.  She’ll most likely be scared and/or confused.
  • Pray that Josh and Alethia will re-bond quickly and that she will be able to trust him without any doubt immediately!
  • I have just under 5 weeks left to go in my pregnancy and I’m feeling it.  I’m tired and…well…getting bigger and bigger, ha!.  Pray that I’ll have stamina and strength to parent these 3 kiddos on my own.  I don’t just want to get by, I want to continue to be consistent and on top of my game.
  • Rainy, Zeke and Cai can always tell when transition is in the air.  They tend to act out when Josh leaves the country.  We are praying for “Happy and Obedient Hearts” regardless of the season of transition that we are in the midst of.
  • We still have to deal with the Embassy.  Although we have been told that Alethia’s VISA is completed and simply waiting for pick-up, we know how this process has been so far for us.  Pray that everything is in order and it is going to be as simple as paying for the VISA and walking out with it!  How awesome would it be to have something happen the right way the first time, ha!
  • Alethia has never been on a plane and she has several she is going to be getting on and off of.  Pray that these flights will be uneventful:)

Thank you all, again, for continuing to lift us up!

The countdown continues!