Guess what?  I know a secret that you don’t even know yet!  You want me to tell you what it is?

I’ll give you some clues:)

It is something we had thought was going to happen several months ago.  And then we thought it may not happen at all.  We’ve spent countless hours praying for this to happen.  Thousands of others have been on their knees for this to happen.

Well, let me just tell you ’cause I can’t keep it in any longer!

Your daddy will be getting on an airplane at 6:30am on Friday morning.  He will then hop in a car with our favorite driver, Farouk, and drive the familiar road from Entebbe to Jinja.  Then he’ll wait until you wake up, if he can wait that long, and then make the trip to the babies home!

Do you remember the last time daddy was there?  Daddy was so sad.  You were so confused.  The Anties were so heart-broken.  All because daddy had to leave you with the uncertainty of when he would be able to, if he would be able to, come back to get you to bring you home for good!

But the time has come!  As a matter of fact the Embassy emailed and said that your VISA has been completed and is just waiting for pick-up!!!!  We are as certain as certain can be that you will coming home on an airplane with your daddy to your new home and your waiting family and friends!

In fact, this time next week you will be here, in this house, taking it all in.  I get chills just thinking about it.  You have been on my mind more since we received the news of your VISA approval than ever before.

It’s not just a wish and prayer anymore.  It is becoming a reality and we can hardly wait patiently enough for this next week to pass by!

So, let the countdown to forever begin!

Impatiently Waiting For You,