Dear Alethia,

We really think this is the week that Daddy gets to come and get you!  We will hear from the lady who is helping you get on the airplane tomorrow and then we will know for sure!

All day on New Years Eve I counted up 8 hours to think where you were in your day as the time rolled over into a New Year.  We really thought you’d be here by now, but the time is SO CLOSE and our whole family is getting so antsy for you to be here.

Daddy dreamed about you all night Saturday night.  Dreaming of going to pick you up for GOOD!

I found your picture under Areyna’s pillow.  When I asked how it got there she said that she got it down and just wanted to sleep with you.  She has been carrying that picture around all morning too:)

Zeke continues to pray for your safe arrival, while Micaiah continues to make a place for you on the floor next to him while he plays.

Me, well, I’m just trying to contain myself from rearranging our entire house, as that is my outlet for nervous/excited energy:)

So, sweet girl, we love you and are praying for you and CANNOT wait to see you…so soon!

Nkwagala nyo, nyo, nyo, nyo!!!!