We have continued to try and get in touch with the Embassy in Kampala and with some other “higher-ups” since we were told to put a hold on Josh’s trip back to Uganda.

Without going into a ton of details I’ll just say this: if an Embassy is open, there HAS to be someone who has the authority to issue a VISA on site.  We have confirmed that someone WILL be there to issue Shabila’s VISA as soon as we can make it back to Uganda!

We aren’t sure why the consular that interviewed us was insisting on being the one to issue the VISA, but we now know for a fact that she doesn’t have the one and that she isn’t the only one in the office with that authority.

After receiving the news we immediately got back on the phone with our travel agent.  The flight that Josh was supposed to be on tonight was in the process of boarding when we got the news so we looked into other flight options for this weekend.  The only flight available for Josh and Alethia were not only almost $4000 but there were several connecting flights with a 15.5 hour layover and a 7.5 hour layover.  Nope, not gonna do that one.

So we’ll wait another week and hopefully Josh will be able to fly out next Friday-ish:)

I can hardly take any more of these ups and downs, sheesh!

We are trying to stay optimistic while still feeling the need to be guarded at the same time.  It’s really hard though.  I mean, this isn’t just a site-seeing trip, it’s a trip to pick up our daughter!!!!

We are seeing some positive things come out of waiting another week, which is always good to reflect on, as we KNOW that God’s hand has been on EVERY “snag” along the way.

  1. We will have more time to get everything together for the trip.
  2. Josh got to celebrate all our Christmas and New Year’s family celebrations with us.
  3. We are praying our flights will cost MUCH MUCH less since it won’t be so last minute and it won’t be during a holiday week(end).
  4. Josh hasn’t been feeling so hot the past day or so the trip over would have been pretty miserable.
  5. We have more time to pray and see God do His thing:)

Thank you all for your continued prayers for our family!

We’ll let you know when the big party at the airport will be, because there will be MUCH REJOICING and I know many of you want to be part of it!!!!