We got the best email from the US Embassy in Kampala yesterday!

It read: “Your approval is safely in my hands this morning so, come and get your baby.”

I’m sure you can imagine the rejoicing and celebrating that commenced as a result in the Via household yesterday morning.

And then the phone calls and emails began to make the travel arrangements.

By the time we arrived at my parents house for my family Christmas we had Josh and Alethia’s tickets ordered and were mentally and emotionally preparing to have our newest addition with us by the end of next week.

I’ve been trying to tell myself that I wouldn’t allow myself to feel like it was real until Alethia opened up the door to our house…HER house, and began living life with us.

And now I know why.

We have had yet another little kink in our process.  Of course:)  Nothing is ever “that simple”, right?!

I had written to ask a few specific questions, mainly to see if the Embassy would be open the day after New Year.

We woke up to the response email from the same contact in the Embassy informing us that it appears that ONLY the consular that did our initial interview can issue our VISA and that will have to be after the 16th!

So, now we are trying to figure out the logistics of changing/canceling airline tickets…again…and mentally and emotionally preparing for another couple of weeks of waiting…

I tell you what, this process is NOT for the light hearted.

Just when you feel like you are free to get your hopes up you realize that there really is something else that can stand in the way of you getting your baby home.