Dear Alethia,

Today is a special day.  It is Christmas!  Regardless of the different festivities or cultures we are all surrounded by this year, this is the day we all celebrate the birthday of our Jesus!  Regardless of the waiting He is still Lord!  Regardless of all the uncertainties that surround your actual arrival God is still on His throne!

You weren’t here to eat our homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast or go to Share Our Shoes and help Daddy, Rainy and Zeke serve the homeless for breakfast or open up your presents, that continue to sit unwrapped under the tree, or open your stocking that is still hanging on the fireplace, but you have been thought of during each of these activities today.

I don’t even know if you even know what today is or if the babies home does anything for Christmas, but we’re saving some Christmas here for you:)  I did get word from Mrs. Susan that you all sang Christmas songs at the Nile Resort.  Oh what I would have done to have seen you up there…you LOVE to sing!

Your tree is going to stay on the porch until daddy brings you home, no matter when it will be!

The Embassy is closed on Monday so we hope to hear something on Tuesday that confirms that we get to come and get you THIS WEEK!

It is still so surreal to think about you being here.

This morning while Daddy and the older kids were out Cai and I went through some clothes that a friend gave for you to wear this winter.  We picked out the perfect outfit that will keep you warm as you walk off that airplane with your daddy.  I pulled out all of your stuff that we just put away last week to repack it.  We are getting that suitcase ready so we can come as soon as we get the green light!

Keep smiling little girl, ’cause we’re coming as quick as we can!

Merry Christmas Sweet Girl,

Love, Mommy