Here is the second and final installment of “Blessings Overflow”.

As most of you know, when we hit the “brick wall” at the Embassy we felt like we were at the end.  We didn’t know where to turn or what Nairobi meant for us.  We felt like we were at the end and that we were going to have to say goodbye to Alethia for good.

Then, we were given a name by almost a dozen of you that we quickly checked into.

Her name is McLane Layton.  She is one of the most knowledgeable advocates in the adoption realm that we have been in contact with.  We’ve not personally met, but after hearing our story she was more than willing to take on our case and help our family out.  She quickly assured us that Nairobi was not a “brick wall” like we had initially thought.  She gave us realistic hope for our case and walked us through the steps to prepare our case for Nairobi.

Just knowing that we could contact her and get reliable advice and information gave us peace to keep holding out hope for our sweet Alethia.

McLane has founded an organization called Equality For Adopted Children, AKA: EACH.

Now, she doesn’t normally take on individual family cases like ours, as her main target leads her down another avenue for Equality for adopted children, but she graciously made an exception for us.

Before we got in contact with her we had NO IDEA that an organization like hers was out there!  Her heart and passion for equal treatment for adopted children is contagious.  The Mission Statement for EACH says it all: “To achieve equal treatment between adopted and biological children of American citizens under federal and state laws.”

Here is the thing though…she did it all pro bono!  She didn’t ask for a dime from us.

Which has moved Josh and me into action!  We want to bless her and her organization and you can help us!

First, go over to check out her organization and see if it resonates with you.  You can sign up for their FREE membership and/or stay up to date on the most current legal news and updates.

The most practical blessing for this organization is to CLICK HERE and make a donation.  McLane sees this as a ministry and trusts the Lord to provide and take care of every need, which He so diligently has.  Lets be God’s tool to help bless her and her great work for His Kingdom!