Dear Alethia,


We are waiting on pins and needles to hear from the Embassy this week!  They told us it takes about a week for them to receive paperwork from Nairobi, so it’s only a matter of days!

When we found out the news your daddy and I just stared at the document on the computer through tears that read “Approved”!  Areyna began running up and down the hallway squealing, Zeke immediately smiled his “I told you so” smile and began gathering things to “gift” to you when you make your arrival.  Cai kept saying “Hooray, Hooray” but then can’t understand why you can’t share his gum with him RIGHT NOW or sit by him to eat lunch RIGHT NOW:)

I’d been holding myself back from daydreaming (when I could, of course).  It was always a bitter-sweet thing to think of you dancing around in the hallways or running to grab Cai’s bubby when he is crying, or playing endlessly with the play kitchen in your room.

But now…

…now I can’t stop the images of you in our house.  IN YOUR HOUSE.  Playing, laughing, crying, living life, here with us!

I still feel like I’ll be a little hesitant until you walk in the front door, because we tend to attract the hold-ups in the adoption process…but I can honestly breathe better knowing that we have been approved!  You ARE coming baby girl!



PS – It has been SO nice to have Ms. Amy there with you to help us keep up with you.  She emailed me these pictures of you and Cousin Chloe this morning.  Pretty soon you two will be prancing around the aisles of the warehouse at Journey together during band rehearsal…