You know that feeling when you are so totally overwhelmed with gratitude and thankfulness from all the blessings that are surrounding you that you feel as though you are going to bust?!

I’m terribly sorry if you have never had this experience, because it is one that you simply cannot explain beyond the graciousness of Christ.

When you are in the midst of this type of thing the only appropriate way to respond is NOT to try to contain it all, but let it overflow onto others.  Share the blessing and pay it forward.

This is the first of two “Blessings Overflow” posts.  We pray that you are moved to action!

So, without further ado…I want to introduce you to the Ribbens Family.Well actually, we’ve not personally met them either:)  They were staying just up the road from us in Kampala and we tried to get together but we just ran out of time as it was nearing time for me and the kids to leave.  We have been keeping up with each others journeys from afar.

They are currently living in Uganda (and have been for the past 9 months) fighting for their family.  Here is a short video to recap the past 9 months of their lives, because I don’t want to screw up any of the details:)

They were successfully seen last Friday, the 14th, and were told that they would have a “quick” ruling (but as you know from our story, that “quick” is a relative term in Uganda), but as far as I know they still have not heard anything.  They were hoping and praying to be home with friends and family for Christmas.  I can only imagine the feelings that surround this family as this day approaches…

So, what does this have to do with you (and us)?

First of all, pray for them and let them know it!  I know that we have been carried every step of the way through God’s people praying for and with us.  Telling us that you were praying for us and allowing us to read those words were worth more than you will ever know.  You can find Sara Ribbens on Facebook and you can continue to follow their journey on their blog.

The second thing you can do is to give a very practical blessing.  We know where we are financially just after being in this for 3 months, I cannot imagine their need for financial support after 9 months!  If you feel so inclined they have a PayPal account set up on the sidebar of their blog for you to donate.  I know some of you are thinking that you don’t have very much to offer and therefore you wouldn’t normally give at all, but believe me, EVERY PENNY COUNTS and it truly does add up.  I know they would be grateful for whatever you could do to help them as they continue to fight to bring their WHOLE family home.