I’ve had several people come up to me over the past couple of weeks and say they just cannot read our letters to Alethia right now.  Not that they don’t want to, but they just can’t.

On more than one occasion they have told me that they can only do one thing right now and that is to pray now, and then when we are all safe and sound under one roof they will go back and read the letters and cry with us later.

So, if you just can’t get through them, that’s OK.  I can’t even read them after I post them without crying either.

So go ahead and just save those posts whenever you see another link to a Letter For Alethia.  Let it be a reminder to pray for us, because this mama needs all the prayer she can get right now, and then you can cry as you see how the Lord has worked through this season.

You have my blessing now, so, pray now and cry later:)