Dear Alethia,

Daddy and I figured that it was time to get moving with the Christmas Spirit.  I know you aren’t here in flesh to celebrate this season with us, but we know that you are doing well and that you are healthy, happy and safe.

We went out to get a Christmas tree with Rainy, Zeke, Cai and Nonnie this afternoon.  We were about to pay the guy at the tree stand counter, but then I saw these perfectly cute little trees.  You came to mind right away.  I know that it may be kind of cheesy and silly, but I asked your daddy if we could get one of those little guys just for you!  In remembrance of you…and how could he resist?!

Areyna and I spent the afternoon making it look perfect with colorful lights like you saw at Roma Cafe in Kampala and got absolutely silly over:)  We found a star to put on the top.

We don’t know where this journey with you is leading us.  Of course we are praying that you will be joining our family here in America VERY SOON, but we also know that there are NO guarantees.

Regardless of the outcome we want you to know that you are LOVED by your family, by our friends and by people you don’t even know!  You won’t “get it” until you are older, but what a treasure to be able to give you when you DO understand that you are not alone in this world…

We are going to be collecting comments and emails we get on your behalf to put in little ornaments and then place them on your tree all season long.

We miss you little girl, but we’re thinking of you all the while.



PS – If you want us to place a prayer or encouraging note on Alethia’s tree from you and/or your family just email us or add it to the comments below.  I believe it will be something for her to cherish for the rest of her life!