I know you will never understand what has really gone on the last few months in your life.  To be honest, we don’t even really understand.  We do know that what we are going through is way bigger than just our growing family, though.

We have been getting messages and emails about how our story to bring you home has effected so many others around the world to bring them closer to God, to bring them encouragement and to bring them to their knees, some for the first time!

I have no clue as to what the ending to this story we have been writting will be, but I do know that God is and has been at work in our lives, as well as hundreds, even thousands of other lives as we unite together to bring you home to us!

I wanted to begin to share some of these testimonies of how your sweet life and our family journey has been a catalyst for life change around the world.

“I read your entire blog tonight (backwards lol) but it blessed me so much to see your transparent faith and trust in God’s plan for Alethia, your pregnancy, safety, and daily needs as you wait for God in this very difficult situation. I long to deepen my faith in such a way.”

“You all have truly inspired me and my faith has been renewed by watching yours. I can only imagine that you must be weak physically, mentally, and of course emotionally. But, spiritually, you have remained strong and consistent in your faith. I am amazed and in awe of you guys.
I’ve been stagnant in my faith recently. I became unhappy with the way my life was/is going so I got angry and figured God didn’t care. So I’ve just been doing my own thing. But following your story and your faith through this whole process has renewed my faith. If you can go through this and continue to have unwavering faith, then what is my excuse? Know that I have laughed with you, cried with you and prayed with you through this whole process…and I continue to do so. “

So, even when this journey we are on seems difficult, and boy has it been difficult, we can already see the fruit of His goodness, and that is a blessing!

Your life is changing lives sweet girl!