Dear Alethia,

You are probably fast asleep right now.  I wonder how you are sleeping at night.  I wonder if you wake up as if this family that is praying so hard for you is just a distant dream.

Daddy arrived home safely last night.  It was SO good to see him!

I went by myself to pick him up because I knew that once Areyna, Zeke and Cai saw him that it’d be all over:)  Daddy has had 3 little shadows following him around ever since we walked in the front door, ha!

You are still very fresh on all of our minds.  The kids were looking through toy magazines and pointing out all the things that they thought you would LOVE.  It warmed my heart that they think of you so often, but it makes me so sad at the same time, knowing that you are not here with us to point out your own favorite toys.

I was going through one of Daddy’s suitcases before heading to bed and pulled out some of your toys and then the outfit that you were supposed to wear on the airplane to keep you warm…that was a little more difficult than I anticipated.  I decided that I’d need to wait to go through the rest of it.

We slept in and went to the last service at church today.  Everyone was asking about you and telling us that they truly believe that you will be here with us soon!  You have hundreds of people praying for you!  You have hundreds of fans who have never even met you, because the Lord has laid on their hearts to fast and/or pray for you as we work to bring you home to our family!

My Aunt Janet has this tradition of making each of our children a blanket.  In the midst of tears and remembrances of you Nonnie (my mommy) ran back to the room and pulled out a special blanket that Aunt Janet made, just for you, that she brought with her!  It is yours, but in the meantime I have been soaking it with tears of love and whispering prayers for you into the light purple fabric.  The kids must have caught on, because now Zeke runs to go get “Shabby’s blanket” if I get caught up in the emotion of missing or remembering you so I have a “bubby” to cry into:)

We love you so much!  We are hoping to get an opportunity to skype you in the next week or two, so don’t forget us too quickly:)