Dear Alethia,

Today is a bitter sweet kind of day.  The kids and I have been tracking your daddy’s airplane as he flies across the ocean.  I get to go pick him up in about an hour!  We are SO excited to get him home with us.  Micaiah hasn’t seen him in about a month and the rest of us have been without him for 2 weeks.

But, don’t for a second, think that we haven’t been thinking about you all day as well.

I catch myself counting 8 hours forward ALL DAY LONG, wondering exactly what time it is for you and what you might be doing.  I almost feel guilty when I start feeling “normal”, knowing that you still are not here with us.  Kind of like when you are at a funeral and you hear laughing.  My automatic thought is, “How dare them, this is a very sad and somber occasion.”  That is how I feel now, like we aren’t allowed to feel “normal” until you are here with us.  But, in all actuality we are praying that you are feeling “normal” too, because getting back to normal will be what gets us through until that wonderful day when we can come pick you up from the babies home for good and fly you back to be with us FOREVER!

Josh talked to Rebecca who will be with you in the babies home for a while.  You fell in love with her and her sister while we were all at the guest house.  We have her number and she’s given us permission to call and check on you whenever we “need” to.  She said you have been doing good.  You’ve been sleeping and eating well…but you have been asking “Where’s Daddy?” more with a curious tone than anything.

We trust you are going to be just fine and that when we come and get you again that you won’t ever have thoughts that we are going to ever leave you behind again!

We love you SO much. (Every time I say that I hear your sweet little voice saying “I love you so much” back in reply:).

Thinking Of You,