Sweet Alethia,

I haven’t been able to cuddle up close to you in a week and a half, yet it feels like it’s been months.  Daddy posted a video of you making a jelly sandwich and I can’t bring myself to stop pressing the refresh button to watch it over and over again.  You are such a pretty little girl.  You are MY pretty little girl!

I still can’t get over the fact that I had to leave you in Uganda for a little while longer.  I promise we are working really hard to be able to come and get you to bring you home!  We are not giving up on you that easy:)

Your daddy and i were talking yesterday about some very hard decisions we are in the middle of making.  Right now you still have your daddy close, but he has to get back here to get some work done while we wait for things to get done to make you our forever daughter.  We want you to know that we have prayed and cried over our options and believe, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that we are making the right choice for you.  We believe that this is only temporary and that we will be coming to get you SOON!

We got word, today, that our case made it to Nairobi and they have told us it will be 30-60 days to review it before we get another opinion.  We are very hopeful!

Daddy has one more day with you, sweet girl, before he boards a plane…without you.  Believe me, we wish more than anything that you could be on that airplane with him!

Areyna was in the school room working on her math when she overheard me and daddy talking about having to leave you for a little bit longer.  Her back was to me so I didn’t notice that anything was wrong…until I saw her head drop to her desk and her shoulders begin gently bouncing up and down.  She was crying for you!  She loves her little sister and absolutely hates that you cannot come home with daddy.  She has broken down about three times thinking about you not being able to be with us yet.

Zeke doesn’t like it any better than the rest of us either, but he is very optimistic in his prayers and thoughts that we are just in a holding pattern and that you will be home so soon!

Micaiah, just talks about you swallowing that gum from the first week we had you:)  “Billa, gum.  Billa, gum”, he repeats over and over.  One day we’ll get to the bottom of that little secret between you two from that first nap time together:)  He frequently asks for you to play with him and his cars and his stickers and doesn’t really get that you are still far, far away.

Daddy is having a hard time even thinking about tomorrow.  I can’t imagine having to pack up your little book bag with things that will help you remember us until we can come and get you…I asked him how he was doing yesterday and he said that he was just trying not to even think about that part.

We all love you so much!  None of us expected this to be so hard!  You are part of our family and we are going to pray with all we’ve got in expectation of bringing you home!

God is good.  He sees you.  He knows exactly what you need.  He is with you, even when mommy and daddy cannot be.  He will keep you safe.

See you soon baby girl,

Love, Mommy