The kids and I are beginning to get into a “normal” routine as best we can as we wait for the rest of our family to join us.  It’s really quite amazing how quickly it all comes back to you.

When we were all in Uganda Josh and I would frequently daydream about life back home when we all got settled back into a normal routine…those daydreams, of course, included Shabby, and that part of the daydream will just have to wait.

But until then…

…the kids have slowly begun to adjust to sleeping until 8am (PRAISE THE LORD!), playing outside until the sunshine says goodnight, riding bikes and scooters, exploring at the park, eating food that was prepared in 3 minutes, NOT 3 hours, and becoming familiar with spending time with Daddy and Shabby on SKYPE!

Before we headed back home Josh had a heart-to-heart with Zeke about being the man of the house, and boy has he taken it to heart!  He will nonchalantly come up to give me big hugs and tell me that he loves me, he says “yes ma’am” 95% of the time when asked to do something and is quick to help, especially when he knows it’s to help the baby in my tummy:)

Areyna has, once again, blown me away with her maturity.  Now, don’t get me wrong, she’s had her biting-Zeke-on-the-head and kicking-Cai moments, but for the most part she is more than willing to find the things around the house that she can do to help me out!  She washes the dishes and puts them away at LEAST once a day.  She will bring the laundry in off the line outside without me even asking, she’ll wash Cai in the bath and get him ready for bed, and that is just to name a few!

Cai, well, he’s been the handful again, but if Rainy and Zeke continue to obey and shout their love to me the way they have been, I can totally take Cai, ha!

I don’t prefer to be left figuring out the normal tasks that Josh does around the house, when I KNOW he could get them done in a fraction of the time, but I know this is only for a season and one day this will all be over and we will ALL have grown leaps and bounds by then:)

Besides, this time alone with the kids has really grown our relationship.  So often I am the stick-to-the-schedule, all-business mom and I really struggle with just stopping and “being” with my kids.  You know, just enjoying them.  I tend to leave the fun things up to Josh to do…but I believe Africa has really helped me in this area.  I haven’t been getting nearly as antsy to go and do as normal.  I have just enjoyed building houses out of Legos with Cai, and painting Areyna’s fingernails and doing cartwheels in our HUGE living room with Zeke, which I really don’t recommend to anyone in their third trimester of pregnancy:)

My lighthearted spirit has really been contagious and it’s made the kids jump at every opportunity to “help”.

This is Rainy and Zeke helping me knock out our monthly newsletter for the ministry!  They literally cut my time down by AT LEAST half…they actually DID help:)

So, life is still not “normal” normal, and it probably won’t feel right until we are ALL home, but we can do this!  We will continue to pray that we will make the choice to “bloom where we are planted” and right now our family just happens to be planted in different parts of the world:)

BTW, I don’t think for a second that it is in my own strength!  I know it is the continued prayers of all of you for our family!  So, don’t stop…it’s working:)