It’s Thanksgiving today.

It’s a day to bask in all that God has done and is doing in and around us.

I’ve decided that being thankful doesn’t always come naturally.  It is a choice!  Sometimes you will find yourself in the midst of a season where thanksgiving comes easily and sometimes you are in the midst of a season where you simply have to make the choice to find the things that God has given you to be thankful for, even when you don’t really feel like celebrating it.

Today was my first Thanksgiving alone.  Well, I felt alone, (oh those darn feelings can be so deceptive!) until I chose to look right next to me and see 3 beautiful, healthy, kids by my side and such sweet friends that God has placed in my life that would invite us into their home to celebrate together with their family.

Today was Josh’s first Thanksgiving alone.  But, again, God has given him a Pastor to serve with in Uganda this week and a beautiful new daughter to snuggle up next to.

We have been through a lifetime of stretching and transforming in the past couple of months.  I would be lying if I said I wouldn’t want to change a minute of it, but I am SO incredibly thankful for ALL that God has and is teaching us!

I was talking to my friend, Heidi, tonight and she mentioned how good I seemed to be doing today.  I told her that I can keep myself going as long as I’m busy refereeing the kids or working on a project around the house, I don’t really have any other choice.  But it’s after the kids are sleeping that I actually sit and have to consciously make that choice to be thankful.  I have to choose not to get bitter and angry at some of our circumstances.  I have to choose to see where God has taken us and wait expectantly as we see His plan unfold.

We each have a choice to make.  I choose to be thankful today, and we’ll work on tomorrow when it gets here:)