Yes, I’m still pregnant.  As a matter of fact, I may or may not have had to lie to the Ugandan checking my Passport in order to be able to actually board the plane.  There is just NO hiding this belly any longer!

I’ve graduated from “cute little baby bump” to “WOW!  When are you due!”:)

It didn’t really hit me until I checked A-L-L of my voicemails on my phone from being gone for 2 months.  The last dozen or so were from my OBGYN checking in on me.  They actually left me a message EVERY DAY to make sure that I scheduled an appointment when I got in.

So, I did.  Everything checked out just fine.  My iron was significantly lower than normal, but that’s really nothing to worry about, and the heartbeat was beautiful.  It was so nice to hear that healthy, steady rhythm from our little baby-to-be since the only way of judging how he/she was doing for the past two months was by movement.  It’s a good thing he/she is squirmy.  He/she never gave me reason to worry…not even once!

I’ve gained about 16lb. so far.  I’m sure that will be increasing at a rapid rate after being at home for a few days and eating the yummy food our small group hand-picked out for a pregnant lady:)

As soon as my checkup was completed the Dr. said (after telling me to come in next week to drink that NASTY stuff, blah!) that she’d see me in two weeks.

What?!  I’m already at the stage where I have to start going in every two weeks?  I feel like I JUST got pregnant, ha!

It’s crazy.  The last couple of months have been absolutely consumed with #4 that #5 has hardly gotten any attention at all, but here we are, no longer able to put this on the back burner…the sleepless nights and body aches are in full swing.  Not to mention the constant, daily Branxton Hicks…this baby will be here in 11 weeks whether we’re ready or not, so we might as well start getting ready:)

Besides, thinking about another baby brings such joy and life into such a seemingly helpless season we have been in.

29-Week Belly

I left Josh with the camera,

so we’re left with iPhone quality photos until this family reunites:)