This afternoon Josh looked over at me and asked, “So, what’s your blog post for today?”

I’m not one for skimping on details or keeping much behind closed doors here on the ol’ blog, but I really am at a loss for words right now.  We really have hit a wall and don’t know where to go.


We have hundreds if not thousands of family members, friends and strangers helping us carry this burden and I could at least tell you what kind of options we think we are looking at.

And, since I’m a list kinda girl I’ll go ahead and begin with 1 and see how far we get:)

1 – We wait – We wait to hear from our Attorney.  They are supposedly working on our case as we speak, but I don’t think they really know what to do…ah yes, we’re trying to stay positive and hopeful here.  We put in an email to Freda, the representative at the US Embassy here and she sent a not-so-encouraging email back with a not-so-hopeful response.  We wait for USCIS and Homeland Security to hear what their response will be.  They will have the final approval or decline of the VISA.  So, this is the miracle we are praying for and resting in.

Yes, we’re resting in it.  I told Josh that I just want the Lord to know our hearts and what our desires are because I have nothing left.  The thing is, we serve a great God and He knows our thoughts before we even think them!  So, He knows!

At this point, I can hardly get my mind to wrap around the other options we will most likely have to consider, but again, here are some of the possibilities.

2 – Case Submitted To Nairobi – After a case is denied at the USCIS level it is then sent to Nairobi, Kenya.  This takes months if not years, with NO guarantee!  I’m not even sure why everything gets sent here.  If this is now a US matter, what in the world are we sending it to another country for?

3 – Foster Care – Our agency stated that maybe the best thing for Alethia would be to find a foster family for her until we can get this sorted out.  To us, this is a last option.  I can’t imaging what that would do to her, to us, to our family!

4 – Move To Uganda – If we get denied the Orphan Visa we can apply for a Child Visa, but that requires that you live and take care of the child, in country, for 2 years and then you are allowed to bring them into the States.  This seems like such a huge decision that I cannot even think about this one right now.  But realistically, how do we even do that?!  Where do we live, what do we do for two years here, how do we fund something like that?

5 – That’s It!  You know I can’t stop at 4 points, but really, those are the only options we have been made aware of right now.

We are all tired and confused.  I have NOT been sleeping well at night at all!  I can’t tell whether it is pregnancy related or stress not allowing my mind to relax, but lack of sleep is really becoming an issue on my body.

I’m leaving my husband behind in 2 days!  I can’t imagine trying to get back to a normal routine without him!  Life is going to be so different until we are all reunited again…

Have I told you how amazing it is to read all your encouraging messages and comments!  They are truly keeping us going!  God is working, just look at all of His children who are on their knees speaking to Him on our behalf.  It honestly makes me smile to see God’s people coming together, even to help strangers like us!  Now, I’d rather it not be at our expense anymore, but whatever, ha!:)

We love you all dearly…

Continuing to pray for a miracle,  .tasha.