Today was our last day in Jinja. We have been packing up our little home in the backyard of the guesthouse and saying our goodbyes. It has been a bitter sweet day. More sweet than bitter, but sad none-the-less…

I wasn’t so sad to say goodbye to my laundry room:)But the hut that has been a home to us for the past 8 weeks was little sad to pack up.Many tears were shed as we had to say goodbye to Chickie and her owners next door…20111115-222230.jpgAnd to “the boys”, as Zeke calls them:) Godfrey’s boys and Zeke have really become close over the past couple of weeks.20111115-222724.jpg

And then there are the cooks…Areyna made cards for all of them and Vickie definitely shed a tear while reading hers.20111115-222859.jpg

Sarah has become a dear friend. She works the front desk and makes sure that we have everything that we need and that we are cozy and comfortable.20111115-223131.jpg

And then there is Susan. She gave up half of her home for us to live in! She has selflessly given of her own space and privacy so we could have a place to live. We have laughed together and cried together. In fact, when we got back from one of our many down days when I had prayed the tears away, Susan came up to me and told me how sorry she was. Then she told me she cried tears FOR me that day! She is one of those people who just overflows the love and power of Christ! I will miss her…20111115-223510.jpg

We are sad to leave…but…let’s get this process completed so we can get HOME!