Ugandans have been treating me a little bit differently lately.  For some reason they won’t let me do tasks that I have been doing all along here or be the one to run errands.  And you should hear the gasps as I jump on a boda to catch a ride into town.

Maybe it’s because I am almost 28 weeks pregnant, ha!

Godfrey saw me last night and in conversation told Josh that he can go and do but I was about to…”BOOM!!!!”.  And then he gave that hearty chuckle:)

Then, this morning as Farouk drove us to our Attorney’s office to pick up all of Alethia’s documents he looked at Josh and said, “You can go and do, but this one (looking at me), no, no, no.  She needs to rest…”

They are so nervous that I’m going to start going into labor here in Uganda.  I actually think this growing addition in my belly has helped them expedite our process all the more, at least as much as you CAN expedite a Ugandan process.

We made it to the Embassy.  We were called to go back to meet Freda.  It was finally our turn.  She thumbed through our paperwork to make sure it was all there and in order, and then she told us, “OK, I’ll see you this afternoon.”

What?!  This afternoon?  We were praying for this, but by the time we got word it was about 10am and Alethia’s birth family must be present for the interview and they are about 5 hours away.  They would have never made it in time!  So, we opted to take the Wednesday appointment.

Our EXIT Interview is scheduled for 2pm on Wednesday afternoon.  Did you hear that?!  Another prayer answered “YES”.

Please keep praying.  Pray that everyone makes the appointment in time, because this one will be based on American time, not Ugandan time.  Pray that all the documents will be error free and that there will be no red flags with our case!  Pray for mercy from the Embassy on us to expedite our case and to issue Alethia’s VISA either Wednesday, Thursday or Friday!

It can happen ya’ll!  We have two more steps!  We are almost there!

As we look back over this past year and the goals we’ve had for this adoption along the way, we have noticed a pattern.  God gives us exactly what we need, when we need it.  We have hardly ever been given our request in advance.  It has kept us humbled and on our knees the whole time, because we KNOW that God is the one making this happen, and making it happen in his own timing!

Just one more thing…it has been absolutely amazing to get messages and emails from you all of how the Lord is using our process to draw you close to our God!  He has brought us to mind and you have prayed.  Fervently and consistently, on our behalf.  You have seen the Lord answer your own prayers, on our behalf.

God isn’t done showing off yet!  Keep praying:)