The day we’d all been waiting for finally came!!!!

We got the call yesterday afternoon from our Attorney that we FINALLY had our Ruling!  You should have seen this mama.  I was an absolute mess!

“Hallellujah”s and “Praise The Lord”s were in abundance as we cried out to our God in true Thanksgiving!

Then we were told that, “Well, it isn’t actually in our hands, but we are meeting with the Judge’s clerk in the morning to pick it.”  OK, we knew we’d been lied to before about this document being prepared, but for some reason this felt different.  I was still a little reluctant to celebrate whole-heartedly, but at the same time I knew it was real.

We’d been promising the kids that we’d celebrate when we got our Ruling and that they could each have their own soda, ha!  Ooohhh, I know it’s such a little thing, but they were ecstatic:)So, last night we celebrated before heading to The Keep for our concert.  Wouldn’t you know that Johnny, the owner, had an electric violin, so I was able to join Josh! It was such a fun way to celebrate this hurdle, seeing friends we’ve made during out time here, while making new ones in the process.

There was also an added bonus for this night.  Johnny had set up the cover charge and sales for the night to go directly toward our adoption.  We got paid more last night than some of our gigs in America, ha!  What a blessing it was in so many ways!!!!

This morning I woke up feeling like I had a hangover.  My body won’t hardly let me complete a single task without having to collapse back in bed.  Utter exhaustion has taken over, but the celebrating isn’t over yet.

First of all, our newest addition turns 3 today!  We will be going into town for brownies and ice cream as we celebrate this special day:)


Agnes, from our Attorney’s office, gave us another call to reassure us that they had received the completed documents in hand this morning and that we can come first thing Monday morning to pick everything up for the Embassy!

So, to the Embassy we will go!

Pray that we can get an Embassy appointment on either Monday or Wednesday, and that everyone will be able to get there!  Pray that the paperwork is complete, accurate, and that everything is in order.  Pray that they issue a VISA immediately, because if they do…WE WILL ALL BE HEADING HOME TOGETHER AS A FAMILY!

We can’t tell you enough how grateful we are to have you all along on this journey with us to pray for and with us!  Thank you, thank you!