We all cuddled up on the bottom bunk in the kid’s room of our hut tonight to have our family devotions.  Josh, in part just to get a response to hear what the kids would say but in all honesty I believe that there may have been some honesty in his question, asked, “has the Lord forgotten about us?”  Immediately all the kids looked up at him like he had just said “stupid”, a very strong word in our house;)  Areyna was the first to speak up.  She said, “NO!  God Never forgets about us!”  She said it with total confidence, like she had no doubt in her mind that everything that was happening was under His control.  (She totally gets this process, by the way.  She knows that we need this ruling and knows by my expression on the phone if we’ve received bad news.  She knows we have to make it to the Embassy.)

See, we talked to our Attorney today, the day that we were supposed to get our written ruling.  It’s been scheduled to happen at least 3 other times, but today was different.  The document was FINALLY prepared, the judge FINALLY signed it…and then they realized that it needed to be edited.  Our judge became to busy to work on it today, so we are, again, waiting yet another day for a signature.

We are coming down to the wire.

See, the Embassy is closed this Friday for Ugandan’s Veterans Day.  They will also only accept paperwork on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, before 11am.  So, if we do not get his signature by tomorrow there is no hope to submit our case to the Embassy until Wednesday.  And if we have to wait that long there will be no way we will have an Embassy date and obtain Shabila’s VISA before I fly out with Rainy and Zeke on the 20th.

Again, I should have started bawling right then and there on the phone…okay, okay, so maybe I did shed a couple of tears, but mostly I am just tired.  Nothing is certain here.  We can be told it will happen tomorrow for 30 more days with NOTHING to show for it.

Here is how bad it has actually gotten.  Our entire Attorney’s office is very concerned because they have NEVER seen a case get held up like this.  We are seven weeks in and have only completed the first phase of this process.  We have waited on this judge, in country, for almost 2 months with nothing written to show for it!

But even now, I KNOW that I KNOW that God hasn’t forgotten us.  We know He is here with us, orchestrating every “interruption” in this process.  I don’t feel like he has seen me as I lie on the floor crying out to Him.  I don’t feel as though He has answered our specific prayer requests.  I don’t feel like we are getting anywhere.  But I KNOW He is here.

Why am I so confident in this?  Well, this is when I begin to count my blessings, because I will get on a very slippery slope if I allow doubt to creep in now.

So, in the midst of more disappointing news we will praise Him and remember what He has done for us!

God has kept us healthy.  We came over here with 3 young children.  I’m pregnant.  It’s the rainy season and the mosquitos have been terrible, yet we have ALL stayed healthy!  Not one of us has gotten sick.

We brought enough money that we estimated would get us through 6 weeks and we still have not run out!  God has supplied all our needs and then some.  He has showed Himself as our Provider.

We got to come over here as a family.  We may not be leaving as a family, but we will not soon forget the memories we have made over here together!

We feel like the transition in America will be almost seamless for Shabila.  She is one of us now!  She fits right in.  She is beginning to insist on being called Alethia:)  So, when we get to America, she will only have to adjust to a new living environment, but her family will be the same.  If we were not able to be here for this long I believe that the transition would have taken much longer.

We have been able to be a help to dozens of families through our process.  I get at least 1 email a day (usually more) from families in the process that needed some perspective because they have been here 3 1/2 weeks and have to wait another 4 days to come home.  Or from other families who have questions with the process.  We are SO glad to be able to help in any way we can.  I mean, we’re here, why not take advantage of it, ha!

I have become more confident to pray with boldness.  I am no longer afraid to put a specific prayer request out there for everyone to pray for in fear that God won’t answer it!  I know that He answers EVERY prayer, maybe not the way we’d want Him to, but man have I learned a lot through His answers, not my own.

Remember my post about our little red suitcase?  He had His hand all over that situation.  He allowed us to see His power of protection over this process.  We would have been in HUGE trouble if we would have lost all our money, passports, Malaria medicine and adoption documents, but He spared us that, while bringing us to our knees in thanksgiving.

I really could go on and on…

For these things we are thankful and we will set our hearts on.  We will only think on these things tonight!  No more doubt.  No more questioning that God is with us, because we know!  He has continued to show us.  (This is more of a prayer of ours right now, than an actual reality, but we’ll get there…)