So, I don’t know how else to say it except that I miss my boy!  I miss watching him walk around the complex.  I miss having to make sure he doesn’t fall in the ditches on the way back to the hut.  I miss watching his attention be captivated by filling up old potato chip bags full of rocks or playing with bottle caps.  (Those were, by far, his most prized possessions over here!)

I miss his chubby little grin.  I miss watching the Ugandans try all they could to get a smile or hug out of him:)  He was not easily amused most of the time!  I miss the way he’d grab my face down to give him “mo kisses” at night.

Oh yes, life has been much more quiet and calm since his departure but we are all feeling his absence…

The girls and I were doing laundry this morning and we came across one of Cai’s bubby’s.  Shabby started shouting, “Cai’s, Cai’s.  AMERICA!!!!” while Areyna and I just looked longingly at each other.

We’ve made countdown chains, taken days away one by one, and then added weeks back at a time, but November 20th is the day that I am bringing Rainy and Zeke home with me for sure!  We can’t afford to keep transferring our tickets over and over while we wait for this process to progress.  We are praying that we can make that trip as a whole family and come home together, but at least we know that 3 of us will be reuniting with our sweet Cai in 10 days!  We can do this!