Chickie has gotten quite spoiled around here.  It is not uncommon for her to be found jumping up on our chairs to sleep in our laps while we eat a meal or to join Austin at his computer.

We’ve got two simple rules:

1-Areyna is in charge of poop pick-up.  Whenever we see chicken poop we all know who to call:)

2-Areyna is in charge of keeping him out of the eating/kitchen area, at least while other teams are in:)
Chickie pretty much rules the roost on this side of the fence.  Areyna brings her with her to cook (I know, we may have to lie on a few of the questions on the immigration paperwork to get back in the states, ha!), so the staff have become pretty fond of Chickie as well.  As a matter of fact, Chickie got a pedicure a couple of weeks ago.  Just look at those pretty pink nails!
And now that she has made her home on this side of the fence she has found where she really belongs.  She sleeps every night on the window sill of Areyna’s bedroom.  It is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen!  She acts like she’s a cat, ha!

Poor Rainy is going to miss her pet Chickie when it comes time to say goodbye, although I’m sure the neighbors will enjoy having her back on their side of the fence for dinner!