Shabila began complaining about a pain in her stomach/side. I went to ask Auntie Susan to see what her take on it would be. Since Susan has known her since she came into the babies home, and since she can speak Lugandan to Shabby, I decided that Susan may know what we should do.

It was about 7pm so she suggested that we go directly to the local hospital clinic. We headed out and got there by 7:30pm. They don’t close the clinic until 8pm here in Jinja. It was a fairly nice clinic. I was pleasantly surprised. They did a thorough abdominal check and didn’t find anything but wanted to check for a bacterial infection. They sent us across the hall where they did a little blood work. They kept her blood warm inside of a desk lamp while the machine warmed up. Then they checked for the bacteria. Nope, nothing! We were satisfied with the results but they wanted to giver her some pain medicine. So, we went in the waiting area as they filled the “prescription”.

All there. In one building. A physical checkup, blood work, medicine. At 8pm at night. We waited maybe 10 minutes to be seen. And get this! It only cost me 39,000 shillings. That is under $14 in America! I couldn’t believe it!

It just makes me wonder how in the world America can charge such an obscene amount for medical care. The same blood work machine was in Lab Corp when I went and had some done for the baby before leaving.

Just an observation…

By the way, Shabila hasn’t complained about her side at all today:) She is fine. And we are happy to know that she is free of infectous bacteria, seeing as she was caught drinking a water-glue-dirt-flower-who knows what else concoction that she and Areyna put together yesterday, ha!

They checked Alethia over