Many of you know the trouble we were having with finding out exactly what I should do for Malaria while over here since I am pregnant.

Nobody was comfortable giving me any anti-Malaria medication.  We got three different opinions and the outcome was the same…until I went for my last baby check-up.  The Dr. said the same thing by the time my appointment was over, but several hours later she gave me a call back and just didn’t feel comfortable sending me over here, during the rainy season, unprotected.  She said that it would do more harm to the fetus if I were to get it than the medicine might be.

So we opted for Larium/Mefloquine, which has some horrible side effects, especially coupled with my anxiety medication.  But, we felt good about the decision and I’ve been taking it just fine.

There has been one little problem with it!  Let me explain.

I take my malaria medication on Friday night.  By Saturday afternoon I am a heap of tears.  Sunday I am terribly depressed and Monday isn’t much better at all.  By Tuesday night I am coming back down the hill and leveling off.  Wednesday and Thursday are usually pretty good and Friday is absolutely blissful…until I have to take my medication again and so the spiral begins again.

It has been terrible.  As if I don’t have enough things to cry about, ha!

But, we have some friends that lived in the jungle in Venezuela for years and they suggested Neem Tea.  It comes from a tree that actually grows here in Uganda.  We went on a hunt for Neem leaves.  A homeless boy who we have grown rather fond of, took us to a very sketchy market.  In fact we were getting yelled at by some of the Ugandans for being on that side of town.  Ahem, anyway…we made it there and they brought us back and handed us a lemon.  They obviously didn’t have a clue what we were talking about, ha!  Except that we later found out that lemons are also called neem, so they weren’t as crazy as we thought.

We began asking around the guesthouse to see if anyone knew where some Neem trees grew so we could pick some leaves for the tea.  And wouldn’t you know that there is one right in the backyard between the guesthouse and our hut!  We asked Karim to climb up and pick us a few branches for the leaves.

He was talking about the significance of this Neem tree.  It has so many benefits!  You can use the bark for many health things, as well as the oil.  For me, I’m just using the leaves to make this tea.  Our friends swear by this stuff to keep Malaria away and I do to!  Especially if it is going to help me (and my family) sane while we continue to wait this process through.