Yes, we missed Halloween in America, but you better believe we found a way to bring the Fall/Halloween season to Uganda.  We got Benson, from the kitchen, to find us 4 pumpkins.  They were wondering what in the world we were going to do with these pumpkins that we specifically asked could be “flat on the bottom so they sit up straight”.  They kept asking “Do you want us to cook them?  Boil them? Cut them up for you?”

But, contrary to what they thought we were going to do with them, we found a way to decorate them.  We couldn’t carve them, due to ants, slugs, and numerous other critters that would infest them within minutes, so we pulled out the crayons, markers, stickers and bottle caps!  The kids had a blast, and the Ugandans had a few chuckles as we brought our silly tradition to Uganda!