Since we are the only family with children at this guesthouse it makes it difficult to discipline or hear my children scream and throw fits sometimes.  We are often left feeling like we are the only people with terrible children who act out.

Therefore, I do not secretly get satisfaction from hearing little Ugandan children cry and throw fits.

Oh no, NOT ME!

I never get satisfaction out of others misfortune.  Especially when it has to do with small children crying.  Especially when it is just for my own selfish gratification, to help me not feel so bad as I watch even the sweet Ugandan children throwing fits:)

Speaking of Ugandan children.

I’ve got one of those now!

But she would never throw a fit.  She is one of those sweet children who always holds her composure.


So, when we began getting the kids ready for church on Sunday my sweet, little Ugandan angel would never throw a fit, with kicking, screaming, rolling on the floor and all, over shoes.  S.H.O.E.S.

Nope, not my children!