It is the rainy season, here in Uganda.  That means that we have quite a few days where creativity is a necessity or we’ll just be trapped in our little hut with a bunch of grumpy kids and maybe even a grumpy mama, ha!:)

But, sometimes creativity runs very shallow after 5 weeks in this rainy season…

…and this is a prime example of when “backup” comes in handy! Our backup (ie-Meme) brought with her a whole new fresh outlook for such a rainy day. She grabbed the kids up (since they were being “creative” in the bathroom) and took them across to her room, one by one, because she had prepared breakfast for the kids so we didn’t have to trek up in the mud to the guesthouse.

Then she stuck in a movie and they got to spend some cuddle time together!  That took up a big chunk of the morning, and gave the atmosphere some time to dry out.  By the time lunch was over the rain had stopped and the kids were eager to run around outside.

Thank goodness for Backup!