It’s Monday morning.  We reluctantly said goodbye to Aunt Joy last night.  She piled in the car with Godfrey, Josh, Zeke and Austin as they headed to Entebee to drop her off at the airport.  It sure was nice to have Joy here for a week and a half.  I feels so weird around here without her.

Godfrey came down with Malaria last week and, although the sickness is out of his body he is still very week and tired.  So, the boys are headed to Kampala to take Godfrey out for a day on the town to relax and rest:)  They should be home early evening.

We have been asked if we get to come home after our ruling on Thursday.  The answer is NO.  We still have some red tape to get through before we can book our flights back home.

We should have our written ruling by the end of the week and then we will take all of the completed documents and Shabila’s passport to the US Embassy to schedule our Exit Interview.  That could be scheduled for just a couple of days later or a couple of weeks later!  You just never know.  Then you hope and pray that everything goes according to plan and there are no discrepencies in any of the paperwork while the Embassy carries out their investigation on our case.  After we have our Embassy appointment they will tell us when we can pick up Shabby’s VISA (if everything in our interview goes without a hitch).  This typically takes around 48 hours but we’ve heard of it taking a couple of weeks as well.

So, we are so close, yet so much can still happen to hold us up.  We are watching our countdown chain get smaller and we can smile at how far we’ve come, but still trying to think realistically.  Again, it’s a hard balance for me, but what hasn’t been so far, ha!

Meme is hanging around here for another week.  She will be taking Micaiah home with her.  I think he has about reached his limit:)  I am so torn knowing that we are going to be splitting up our family, but we really feel like this is the best option for us right now.

It’s nice to say that we have a busy week!  We haven’t had one of those in a long time.  We’ll head to Kampala later this week and hopefully knock another step or two off of our process.

We continue to be so blessed and encouraged by your messages and emails.  Thank you so much for following us this far!