Yesterday I went to go look for Micaiah.  I hadn’t heard him in quite some time, so I headed to the back of the compound and found him watching some monkeys.

As if that weren’t exciting enough:) Josh quickly came around the corner and told me that we had some surprise company!  I couldn’t imagine who it could be!

I hurried to the dining (hang out) area and found some sweet friends whom we had met last year while we were in Jinja with the Journey team.  They are Kristi and Kenneth Williams and their 7, yes SEVEN, children!  They are in the process of adopting 2 sweet kiddos themselves to go along with the 5 cuties they already have.

We have kept up off and on through the blogosphere and have really seen the Lord use them as they minister up North to the Karamajo people.  You may remember them from a post I wrote about their newest addition.  He has been with them since he was just a few days old and Kristi literally nursed him back to life!  It is such a sweet story.  If you don’t remember, here is a quick reminder of what he looked like when he first arrived.And would you just look at him now!!!!  He is the SWEETEST, chubbiest little baby you’ve ever seen!:)  A true miracle!So, back to yesterday, ahem…

The Williams surprised us at the guesthouse and we were SO excited to see their familiar faces.  Our kids were excited to see some other Muzungu (white man) kids to play with too!

They invited us over to their hotel to go swimming and to have a picnic lunch.  So, we packed up our PB&J and headed over for a dunk in the cool water.

When we arrived Shabila was wide-eyed.  She had never seen been to a swimming pool, much less, been swimming!  She kept shouting, “Mama BATH! Mama BATH!”

She went directly over to the shallow pool with Zeke and began to take off her bathing suit.  She couldn’t understand the fact that you get IN the water with clothes on.  Side note: the rules stated that you MUST be wearing a swimming “costume” in order to swim, ha!

She reluctantly kept her bathing suit on but sure didn’t like the fact that it was about to get wet!  As you can tell from the tears in her eyes, the first lap wasn’t quite a success…But, it sure didn’t take her long to do thiswhich lead to this…which ultimately lead to this……over and over and over for the remainder of the afternoon.

She’s fearless I tell ya!

So, another first for little Shabby:)  We had a fun break in the monotonous daily grind!