When we went and picked up Shabila from the babies home we weren’t surprised, but a little sad, that she had absolutely nothing to bring with her. Nothing to call her own. Just the clothes on her back. No baby doll or blanket. No pictures we’d given her or gifts from her sponsors…nothing…

Today we spent the day at the Babies Home where Shabila had been living. I was very hesitant to take her back at first, after seeing her reaction to some of her friends when they would come to visit here at the guest house. But after the leaps and bounds we’ve had with her over the past 5 weeks we decided that it would be okay. Besides, we wanted to be able to spend some time with our soon-to-be niece:)

So, we grabbed some chappati and eggs for a packed lunch and made the bumpy trek to the orphanage.
Shabila was surprisingly normal as she was passed around from Auntie to Auntie as they loved and hugged on her. It warmed my heart that she took to them with a smile while still looking over her shoulder off and on to make sure that we were still close by.
We grabbed a handful of the younger children (since the older ones were in school) and went to play on the playground together.

After about 15 minutes Areyna ran inside to find a bathroom. Josh decided to follow her to make sure she found one and Shabila ran after her daddy. He picked her up and they disappeared inside. A few minutes later he came out with Shabby in his arms and she was holding this little pillow baby-doll that had her name on it. She had found her old bed, which is still vacant, and apparently pulled her pillow between the bed rungs.

I’m not sure why, but when she came out cuddling that little pillow I almost cried. That was the one thing that she had that was hers. It even had her name on it. I was so excited to know that she had something of her very own and I wanted to see the place for myself.

I grabbed her up and asked her to show Mommy her old bed. She brought me back to the little room in the back where she used to sleep and then she started acting a little awkward. I don’t think she knew how to feel. To be honest, I didn’t know how to feel either.
We both stood there just staring at the bed and then she started whimpering a little bit. I held her close and brought her back out of the home and into the eating quarters.

She immediately wanted to go to one of the Aunties whom all the kids consider a Grandma. She didn’t want to leave her arms. It was time to go and she started crying. By the time I pried her out of the Aunties arms (with the Aunties help:) she was calling for mommy and daddy over and over. I know she was torn, not wanting to leave the familiarity of the people and atmosphere but wanting to be with her mommy and daddy.

I walked her up the path to the Guest House of the Babies Home to eat lunch and by the time we prayed over lunch she was back to her old self. It sure doesn’t take her long to bounce back:)

I’m so glad that we went today. I don’t know if we’ll go again before we finish this process, but I do hope that we’ll be able to go back in the future to share with her about how much she was loved, even before mommy and daddy could come and get her!

So, another day down! 19 days remain on my little countdown chain with only 4 more days until our rescheduled court day. We continue to pray that everyone (and everyTHING – ie-documents) will be present for Friday and that it will go smoothly and that the rest of this process will move abnormally quickly so that we can all come home together on the 12th.<