Oh yeah, I’m pregnant!

Sometimes I forget in the craziness of this season we are in, but I am, in fact pregnant. 24 Weeks pregnant to be exact.

I really feel that the Lord has spared me from many of the pregnancy woes that so often accompany my pregnancies.

For example, we are living next to cows, chickens and who knows what else, on either side of our hut and the I can most definitely smell them, but I haven’t had an issue with it. It doesn’t make me nauseous or sick to my stomach. I haven’t gotten car sick once. I haven’t thrown up once, not even close! I have been sleeping well, and comfortably, until just this past week or so. I haven’t had any food aversions. It has been as if I wasn’t even pregnant and it has really been a blessing:)

I have been feeling the tumbling around getting stronger and stronger in my belly. You can see it from the outside now!

No weight gain updates here, but I can guarantee I’ve gained at least 5 pounds in the 24 hours that Meme and Aunt Joy have been here with all the “goodies” they brought with them, ha!

So, here’s to a few more weeks of a non-active pregnancy to finish out this adoption!