You should always have a back up plan and ours is on its way right now!

Josh’s mom is in the air on her way to us and we couldn’t be more excited, relieved, thankful, humbled…

When Josh and I would run into other families in the adoption process, here in Uganda, we would see a lot of grandparents coming in and out of their processes. We didn’t really think anything of it…

…until now!

Before we decided to call for backup I had a little pride issue that I had to deal with. I felt like if I had to call for backup that I had failed and that, for some reason, I wasn’t capable of completing this process.

It’s funny the strongholds that can take hold of your heart when you allow yourself to be vulnerable.

So, as soon as I got passed those insecurities of mine, we made the call. You could tell that Josh’s mom was just waiting for the call to jump on that airplane and come bring us some much needed love and encouragement.

So, in about 20 minutes we are headed to Kampala to eat, play on a playground and sleep next to the airport so we can pick up our backup first thing in the morning!