I have not been known to sneak one of the kid’s gummie vitamins because I just HAD to have something sweet to eat after putting the kids down for the night.
Nope, not me!

Areyna would never take it upon herself to make all her siblings, and mom, a PB&J sandwich, in the time that I run around the kitchen looking for our bread and jelly, ha!
Nope, not my Rainy!

I would never go a week at a time without shaving my legs, even in Uganda.
Nope, not me!

Shabila would never wake up at the butt-crack of dawn every morning and then go on to wake the other kids up, one by one because she just can’t contain herself.
Oh no, not one of my children!

Areyna would never take it upon herself to rally the babies, all by herself, get them to all use the potty, all by herself, and get them in their beds before I even make it to the hut to look for them ot  tell them that it’s nap time.
Nope, not Areyna!

I would never tense up every time I hear a creaking door in the morning because I’m afraid it’s one of the kids getting up way too early!
Nope, not me!
I’m always prepared to start the day, no matter what time it is.

Zeke would never insist on wearing his Spiderman hoodie every day, even though it is 90 degrees outside, just because it is the only “costume” that he has on hand.
Nope, not Zeke!

Josh and I always need the perfect atmosphere for a date night. Therefore, we’d never consider an “At-Home Date Night” to be cuddling up on our bed in our hut, with only a Pumpkin Spice candle burning, while we savor every bite of a Twix bar I found at the store, while watching some movie we’d never heard of because that’s the only kind of movie that Austin had in his possession:)
Oh no, we aren’t that easy to please!

Cai never begs for food because he’s always so stinkin’ hungry…oh wait, yes he does!  It doesn’t matter where he is, ha!