Shabila has done such a great job transitioning into our family.  She has been with us for over two weeks now! I spoke earlier about how this season has really turned Micaiah’s world upside down.  Well, this has turned Shabila’s world upside down and inside out and she is still smiling on the other side!

She has been calling me “Mama” since day one and started calling Josh “Daddy” shortly after.  We’ve talked about her bonding time with Josh a lot because it has, quite honestly, been one of the hardest things so far.

For the most part, she is just one of us now!

She is very obedient.  If we walk in the room and say, “Alright, bath time everybody!” she has already begun to take her clothes off and walk to the bathroom:)  She is very tender hearted when we have to correct her.

She doesn’t complain about food or drinks.  She eats whatever is given to her…and then some!  She practically licks her plate clean at every meal.  Her favorite things that we can tell so far are eggs (I swear this girl could go through a dozen for breakfast if we’d let her) and chapatti.  Everybody that knows her here is talking about how “fat” she is getting, ha!  That is a compliment, don’t worry.  It just means that she is healthy!

She and Areyna have been sharing the bottom bunk.  She has been going to sleep at night well.  In fact, she s but is almost always the first one to wake up in the morning and she is wide open and ready to go, and wants everyone else to get up and go with her:)  We had an issue with temper tantrums during nap time for a few days, but that has pretty much subsided, as she is realizing that sleep is a requirement and she will be staying in bed until nap time is over.

Zeke is so sweet to her and they get along very well, just like her relationship with Areyna.  Micaiah is a whole other story!  They have a love/hate relationship.  They both know how to bully each other around, but for the most part, Micaiah is the instigator.  When he is throwing down a fit she is quick to find his bubby or cup for him because she knows that those two things can cover a lot of ground!

She is just now getting to the point where she will follow the other kids around the compound to play.  Before she would stay pretty close to me, but she is beginning to feel more and more comfortable being independent, while still knowing that we aren’t going anywhere!

Overall, she is handling our family very well, unless she wakes up grumpy from a nap, which has only happened maybe twice!