Well, I’m sure you all are waiting on pins and needles to hear that we have gained some composure over her in the African Rain Forest:)

After the news, that seemed absolutely devastating at the time, Josh decided it was time for me to get out from behind the walls of the guest house.  We realized that I had not had one minute by myself since leaving the states over two weeks ago.

He instructed me on how to ride and pay for a boda-boda and sent me on my way into town.  It was so freeing to ride through town all by myself.  It was so awesome to walk the streets of Jinja all by myself.  I went to a coffee shop/cafe/restaurant called “The Keep” and ordered the most amazing milkshake, that I did NOT have to share, not even a sip…it was wonderful.  I got to spend some time reading through comments, messages and emails from so many of you that just encouraged my heart more than you will ever know! Thank you for taking the time to follow our journey and lifting us up to our Heavenly Father!

After all that encouragement I felt renewed.  I then walked across town and loaded up my bookbag with some much-needed groceries.  Side note – this family of six can go through a whole loaf of bread in two days, easy!

When I got back home Josh told me I looked like a new woman and thanked me for getting away for a little bit.  I love that he knows me and knows what I need, even when it means more work for him…I do love him so:)

It started raining pouring shortly after I returned and didn’t really let up until after 1 o’clock this afternoon.  Josh took another day off from ministry to be with us and I’m so thankful he did, because all six of us in our small little hut in the pouring rain is no fun:)

By the time the rain subsided and the sun started shining through we were all ready for the kids to run around outside, ha!

To make the day even better we skyped with Josh’s mom and she decided that she would love to come hang out with us for a while!  She will be here for our court date on the 28th to watch Rainy, Zeke and Cai, which will take a HUGE burden off of that day!

When I hear the phrase, “When it rains it pours”, I usually associate it with negative circumstances, but not today!  When the Lord knows you need words of encouragement and prayers from others, He will pour it down on you!

So, thank you for keeping us going here!

We will continue our normal posting rituals on how we are all adjusting soon:)