Oh Micaiah, where do I start with Micaiah.

He has been the hardest part about this whole process so far.  I’m not saying it to complain, but to share how hard it has been on the little guy.

He has had a hard time sharing mommy and daddy.  He has had a hard time getting along with his siblings.  He has had a hard time obeying.  He has had a hard time going back to sleep at 6:30am.  He has had a hard time being patient for food.  He has had separation anxiety in a huge way from both mommy and daddy at the most unpredictable, and inopportune times.  He has been touchy.  He has been tired.  He has been downright rotten.

We do know that he is jealous and that he needs his own attention.  It has really been trying for us to figure out quite how to handle his outbursts of rudeness and disobedience.

I do think that he likes it here, but we are just not at home.  He is pretty bored.  There is really no place for him to go.  He has been the only real cuddle bug in the family for quite some time, so to have two of them, who are about the same size is a little hard for him.

He has been very patient as the Ugandans line up to hold him and cuddle him for the most part.  He is the first one that everyone goes to when our family walks into a restaurant or a store:)

Once again, I can’t blame him for his reaction to all this transition.  For him, his life has been turned upside down, but it has made it rather difficult on our family.  I don’t wish for a second that we would have left him behind, well maybe just a second;), but honestly this is a family endeavor and we are going to make it through together!

One thing is for certain, by the end of the day he looks like a red Ugandan with all the red mud and dirt that covers his little body.  It is amazing that he hasn’t gotten sick yet!  I mean, the first thing he did when we stepped off the airplane in Uganda was to stick an empty candy wrapper in his mouth from the ground.  He has since eaten some of Areyna’s chicken’s food, licked toothpaste off the toilet seat and dragged his bubby around the whole town of Jinja and Kampala.  I’ve washed more bubbies than underwear, and that’s saying something:)


It is Thursday morning, I am 23 weeks pregnant, daddy decided we needed a family day so no ministry for him today!  I am beyond thrilled to have him around today!!!!  Besides we have high hopes for a phone call today…