Zeke has always been one of a kind.  He has always been very emotional.  He has always been all or nothing.  There has been no exception to his character here in Uganda.

He has generally done very well.  Each day his attitude is getting better and better.  Now that we have a pretty good sleep routine down his attitude has improved tremendously.

The first week or so was pretty tough on him.  He wants to know what we are doing every step of the way and we just don’t know from day to day (or even hour to hour) what the future will hold.  Life here in Uganda is unpredictable and that has really stretched me…um, I mean him!

He is always hungry and that hasn’t changed here either!  He eats everything with haste saying “I LOOOOOVE Africa food!!!!”

He loves the animals as well and life seems to be a big adventure, as he pals around with Areyna and Godfrey’s boys.

His hardest thing is that he wants to know what everything is and thinks that he can play or get into anything he sees.  Susan, one of the workers here, was so pleased that our children feel so at home here, but I think that he sometimes crosses the line and it’s hard to keep that superhero pent up inside, even if we did leave all the costumes at home:)

He continues to have a hard time staying in bed at night.  He thinks that he is the night watchman for all the kids and feels the need to give us a play-by-play of the happenings after lights out, ha!

His freak out moments are getting fewer and fewer, which is a huge answer to prayer.  We have currently heard many more “Yes ma’am” and “Yes sirs” from him than we have seen the freak out dance.  He is slowly becoming more and more accustomed to life here.

Again, I can’t complain, knowing just how hard it has been for me to make this transition emotionally and physically.  So, for a five-year-old little boy he is doing extraordinarily well!

As far as night terrors, they have been very few and far between, praise the Lord!  You may remember my concern for this as we were preparing to come, but the Lord has really eased my mind as they have all been sleeping very well here.

He loves his little sister!  He is very protective of her, wanting to make sure she is safe and comfortable.  He likes to explain things in detail to her and talks so sweetly to her, it makes me smile:)

Yes, today is Wednesday and NO we still haven’t gotten a court date yet…waiting and waiting doesn’t really make waiting any easier…but that is really all we can do.  So, we wait…