Josh and I would frequently talk about how we thought our kids would respond to living in Africa.  We had our own ideas of how each one would react to certain circumstances.  I thought I’d give a quick run down of how each of them are doing.

Areyna has done AMAZING!  I can’t brag on her enough!

She is our picky eater, but she has tried a bite of everything, and surprised us with the meals that she actually completes.  Her complaining has been minimal.  She hasn’t said that she has been bored once!  Living in Uganda has been a constant adventure for her.

She went on a Daddy Date with Josh on Sunday afternoon while all the other’s slept.  They went on a Boda-Boda ride to get some lunch and came back with a dozen baby frogs and a huge smile on her face.  She loved every second of it!

She loves to help me wash clothes.  In fact, she decided that we should really hand-wash our clothes when we get home, ha!  She loves the animals and the bugs.  She loves the trees and the plants.  She has responded well to the Ugandan people and is very respectful of them and their culture.  She has had a blast playing with the other kids that come in and out of the guest house during the days.  She loves her new little sister and “helping” her do everything!

I have to remember to thank her often for her happy heart and for her attitude during this huge transition time for our family.  I have to remember not to let her get lost in the shuffle due to the not-so-easy-going boys that we brought with us.  I have to remember to give her lots of kisses and love.  Quite frankly she has been an absolute joy to be around and she is content to keep herself occupied!

She told me that she would love to live in Africa and stay here.  I know she misses home, but she has been a good reminder to me to find the joys of being here for the time that we do have here.

And this is for all of you who found such interest in our day-to-day:)  I promised to share how I’m keeping up with Areyna’s hair.  We will wash it one night, brush it and put it in two french braids.  That will look decent for up to 3 or 4 days without getting it wet and having to wash her hair every day.  After about 3 or 4 days we will take her braids out and let her wear it wavy.  This looks beautiful for about 2 days.  We then start the cycle over.  This helps us keep our nighttime routine more efficient as well as less tangles overall!

There you have it!  Oh, and by the way…no phone call yet…