When living in a small hut with so many people you have to have a system.

Josh and I are really getting a good system for our bedtime routine.  Since only one adult and one (maybe two) children can fit in the bathroom at a time, you have to get creative and organized in order to accomplish this task in a timely manner.  And believe me, you will WANT it done in a timely manner:)

Here is our bedtime routine:

  1. Both parents must be present for this system to work properly:)
  2. Daddy goes to his station near the shower spicket while mommy takes her place in the bedroom with the kids.
  3. Mommy begins stripping the kids down.  Whomever is the quickest, or is more likely to be the first one to pee on the floor, gets in the shower first.
  4. While Daddy begins washing the kids, one by one, mommy begins to lay out all the jammies, undies, diapers and lotions.  She then prepares the towel to start drying off the kids one at a time while the next kid gets washed off.
  5. Daddy cleans one kid off at a time and then passes them off to mommy to dry off and get jammies and lotions on.
  6. When Daddy is done washing all the kids he will then take over the lotioning and jammying (yes, I just wrote that, just go with me) so mommy can move on to the meds.
  7. This can get tricky so make sure you have your meds. in order!
  8. The type of Malaria medicine that the kids are on is a daily pill.  And each kid has a different dosage so it can get confusing.  We make what we call, a Malarone sandwich, by sticking the pill between two smarties candies so they can chew it up.  Then they each get two extra smarties to wash it down.  Shabby gets the extra three so she doesn’t feel left out:)
  9. Then Mommy moves on to the Gummy Vitamins.  With all the germs that our kids ingest on a daily, if not hourly, basis, these are a necessity.  The boys get the Superhero gummies and the girls get the Tinkerbell gummies.  It is imperative that you do not get them mixed up or your boys may start growing fairy wings while your girls start shooting webs!
  10. Now is a good time to go ahead and get out the Malaria medication for the mom and dad, as well as the anxiety meds and prenatals.   SHEW!
  11. After meds are passed out mommy moves on to toothbrushes.
  12. After they are located she hands the kids toothbrushes and toothpaste off to daddy who is again, stationed in the bathroom in order to oversee the tooth brushing.
  13. After teeth time it’s Family Devotion time.  There is no predicting how this segment of the bedtime routine will go, so just go with the flow.
  14. After devotions it is lights out!
  15. And with all the kids in the small room you KNOW there will be an incident (or six) where mommy and daddy have to run interference.  Josh usually takes the first round and then mommy follows if needed after that…and so on and so forth:)

And that is how every night goes for us.  We’re lucky to get the kids in bed by 8 if we start by 7, but we are getting better at it!

Stay tuned, tomorrow I’ll be sharing step-by-step how we are dealing with Areyna’s hair while we are here.  And here we were worried about Shabila’s hair, ha!

Just kidding, hopefully tomorrow I’ll have something a little more interesting to write about.  Josh will be going off to a village to teach a Pastor’s conference leaving me with the four littles all by myself.  Should make for an interesting day:)  I’ll keep you posted.

PS – Still no word on a court date.  So…we wait…33 days…