Today has been full of adventures for our not-so-little family.

We have been moved, or shifted, as they call it, to one of the huts in the backyard where the we don’t have to worry about the kids falling from the balcony or the stairs. We are thrilled!

But as with any transition there are always pros and cons:) This hut is two rooms instead of one – YAY! The two rooms together are about a third of the single room we had before – 😦 The kids can play in the whole yard while I am still in the hut or in the yard without having to go up and down stairs – YAY! We currently have no running water, which means, the toilet doesn’t flush and we can’t wash hands or take a shower – 😦

We are trying to think positive here and find the little things that will get us through this time, so when something not-so-fortunate happens Josh and I just look at each other with a grin and a shrug and say “pros and cons”:)

We had another fun adventure that filled our day! The people that share a fence to Arise Africa own cows and chickens, which we are now privileged to sleep next to by the way.  Ahem, so anyway, Areyna and Zeke have had a blast chasing after their chickens…so much so that Zeke decided that Spiderman needed to come to the rescue and scale the fence, which has barbed wire at the top.  Let’s just say that Spiderman must have run out of webs as he fell to the other side of the fence!  We ended up having to get the neighbors to hoist him back over to us, ha!

About an hour later Rainy did come up to me with squealing delight because she had actually caught herself one of the little chickens!  Not 30 minutes later Zeke came around the corner with one of his own chickens:)  Cai eventually joined in on the fun, but Shabila wasn’t having any of it!

By dinner time the staff had helped Rainy and Zeke gather a box for their new “pets” and some water bowls and a little food to feed them.  Karim, one of the guys that works here, told me that they needed to “go home” for the night but that he’d bring them back in the morning.

So, there is another thing to look forward to:)