Last night we got a most welcomed call.  Our adoption agency called to check in with us.  We are in the know more than they are at this point in our journey, but just knowing that someone is still coming along beside us until this process is complete is so reassuring.

Our agency told us that they have another family who is in the final leg of their journey who had the same judge as us.  She reassured us that our judge is slow and particular, but in huge favor of adoption.  This is good to hear, knowing that he just wants to make sure all the facts are accurate before handing a child over and that we aren’t going to just be waiting on pins and needles to see if he is going to grant us guardianship.  This is very good to hear.

She also told us that this other family, if they leave on time next week, they will have been gone a total of 6 1/2 weeks.  That is a long time, but to me, it is a goal to make it to.  Before we were just coasting here in Uganda wondering how long it would ever be until we got to bring our Shabila home.  Now, in my mind, we have a timeline to go by.  I know that this is all subject to change, but it is mentally helping me wrap my mind around the duration that we have to look forward to.

Today the kids and I made another countdown chain.  Last time we were counting down to get here to pick up our sweet girl, now we are counting down to bring her home!  According to my calculations, if we are to be here for about 6 1/2 weeks we will arrive the weekend of November 7th.  That is 35 more days.  Now that is something I can wrap my mind around.  We may have to add a few more days toward the end, but at least it gives us a starting point.