We’re back in Jinja.  It has been so hard to pack and unpack every few days but quite honestly, it’s nice to have a change of scenery.

Josh and I are really struggling to try to feel normal right now.  We are going absolutely crazy just sitting around and waiting for something to happen.  Josh told me last night, though, “Alright, so we know how to ‘just be a family’ at home…we just need to figure out how to ‘just be a family’ here.”

It is SO true, but how do you try to live a normal life when you are in abnormal circumstances?  We are all sleeping in one room so there is no personal space.  We are upstairs and the babies keep climbing the stairs, which would be no big deal, but the railing could fit two of my kids through them, so they are very dangerous.  We simply can’t relax while we are here.

We have no agenda which is really hard to deal with, too.  We have done everything that we can do right now for the adoption, so now we just sit and wait to hear from our judge who will hopefully reschedule our court day sometime next week.  But, Monday is their Independence Day and we’ve been told that the Ugandans don’t like to deal with foreigners the day after a holiday so that leaves us waiting until AT LEAST Wednesday.

I was talking to another adoptive mom at the guest house in Kampala about our similar feelings.  We have both come here multiple times on mission trips.  We come ready to serve the people and go, go, go.  But this is different than any other trip to Uganda.  We are here to serve just one small child and we are just trying to survive one day at a time while we acclimate to living as a family unit and waiting to complete the process in order to go back home.  It’s almost impossible to mix the “mission trip” mindset and the “adoptive process” mindset.

We had Austin go out and find us some Bootlegged movies so the kids have something new to do to occupy their time.  Hey, what may seem unethical while in normal circumstances somehow seems like a lifeline when you are desperate enough, ha!

Things You Can Pray For:

Our attitudes as we work together as a family in close quarters.

Creativity as we try to find things to occupy our time.  Money is a factor, so it’s not like we can just go around town and see all the sights.  We are a family of 6 and you’d be surprised how much things add up…even in Uganda!

A court date to come quickly and without any unexpected surprises!  We are ready to get this thing moving again.  We are ready to come home!!!

Shabila has begun to show her true colors.  Her temper tantrums are quite dramatic:)  Pray that we will parent wisely and in a way that she needs.

Pray that we can hold it together.  It’s kind of been a rough day…