I want you all to know that your prayers have been felt today in a BIG way! Thank you. I promise I won’t cry to you all every day. It has just been a little rough for a couple of days…so, sorry for being so down before, but thank you all for your continued prayers for our family!

I have been getting notifications from the Embassy for the past 24 hours of a Terrorist threat in the area because of the big ‘Futbol’ game that occurs tomorrow. They say they aren’t sure if it will be in the game stadium itself or in a crowded area where the game will be viewed, but They have warned all foreigners and mission organizations to stay away from crowded areas. Hmmm…I think we’ll stay around the Guest House tomorrow:)

In other news…
After the little one’s nap I brought them downstairs to play and Shabila motioned toward Josh and then pretty much jumped in his arms from mine for him to hold her! We both just looked at each other in shock! She has been cuddling with him for the majority of the evening. We have all loved it!

We also took a walk down the street to get some dinner and Shabila initiated getting into the stroller all by herself, where as before she was terrified of it!

We have been with her a week…oh the hurdles we’ve jumped!