Well, we got up and filled all six of our bellies full.  We weren’t sure how long we would actually be in court today.

Then, we put on our Sunday best.  Man, you should have seen my family!  I may be a little biased, but I think we looked rather sharp;)

We piled into the car with our driver and headed across town to the courthouse.

We were coraled into a small room where the children were free to play and figit until they got “things organized”.

We waited…and waited…and waited…

Over two hours later the Orphanage director arrived with the birth family and attorney.

Then the news came.  Our Judge wasn’t even in the building.  He wasn’t even in the same city.  He had been called elsewhere for some business for the day and he would have to reschedule for sometime next week.

When I heard the news I was devastated for just a split second and then it went away.  Josh and I were both overcome with a peace.  Now, don’t get me wrong…it’s not that we weren’t frustrated that we had just wasted all that time, we weren’t irritated that we couldn’t have found that information out when we had first arrived, we weren’t antsy to get going on this process, but what can you do really?

Last night I had prayed a lot off and on while I tossed and turned in and out of sleep that the Lord would be my strength and that He would take my tears away.  We’d been instructed that no matter what happens you are not supposed to cry or show emotion of any kind at the court house.  So, my prayer was answered.  I didn’t, and haven’t, cried…I know, it’s a big shocker to any of you all who know me at all, ha!

So tomorrow we head back to Jinja until further notice.

Everything from our end is complete at this point so we wait.  We pray for patience.  We still have such a long road ahead of us and I must not think about that.  I can only think about today and the fact that we have a plan for tomorrow…

Oh yes, Josh gave us ALL ice cream for Happy Hearts, mommy included.  It was much deserved today:)